EcoDriving Training for Your Commercial Drivers- a Brief

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As a fleet manager, you would certainly want your drivers to be proactive and alert when sitting behind the wheel. You would also want them to protect lives and reduce costs and liabilities for the company while enhancing its reputation. With the cost of fuel increasing like never before, you would also expect your fleet drivers to drive the vehicle in a manner that’s cost-effective and economical. Thankfully now you can help your commercial drivers improve and be more proactive and alert on the road while improving fuel efficiency, with van driver training courses covering EcoDriving.

More about EcoDriving

EcoDriving is a style of driving that can help your drivers significantly improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Not coincidently, EcoDriving practices are also safe driving practices and vice versa. This means that by providing your drivers with EcoDriving training you are helping them become safe drivers and economical as well.

Though subtle, EcoDriving practices collectively can make a big difference on fuel economy. A few changes in their driving habits are all your drivers need to make to reduce fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions, irrespective of the type of vehicle being used.

We all know this: gas is expensive!

Fuel cost represents around 40% of a typical fleet’s budget, which is something the fleet managers would always wish to keep under control. To make matters worse, gas prices continue to rise. With advanced Van Driver Training and helping your drivers learn EcoDriving practices, you can help them improve fuel economy by 15% or more saving $300-$400 or more in fuel costs per year. So, enroll them now!


The right training courses for your commercial drivers

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The training of all commercial drivers in the science of defensive and safe driving needs to be among the prime responsibilities of the corporate sector. Fortunately, there are facilities for Van and Commercial Driver Training Courses. These courses ensure that your driver, passengers and goods are safe. These courses also can help save you from unnecessary and avoidable crashes that cost you money, injuries and possibly lives.

There are Van Driver Training Courses conducted where the van driver is apprised of his many obligations and responsibilities. The van driver has responsibilities to himself, to his passengers, and to pedestrians and other drivers with whom he has to share the road daily. He also has a responsibility to the employer to take care of the expensive asset he is handling as well as his employer’s reputation. Above all, the van drivers must realize that lives are at stake every moment he spends behind the wheel. In Van Driver Training Courses, the drivers are taught the inspection procedure of the vehicle; both inside and outside the vehicle before sitting behind the wheel. They are also taught about the importance of the tire condition and the load distribution for maintaining proper center of gravity in order to avoid rollover crashes.

In Commercial Driver Training Courses  students are taught the disciplines of a proactive driver. A proactive driver is one who has prepared himself for hazards even before they happen. Drivers are taught about a variety of important topics such as the importance of wearing a safety belt, and how to react in adverse conditions with limited visibility like fog, rain, snow or ice, and sun glare. Other aspects are included as well like speed management, right-of-ways, and liability in case of a crash.

Make Sure Your Van Drivers are Adequately Trained for the Job

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Van driver training is a very specialized area of training and can prove to be immensely beneficial for your commercial drivers who have to drive cargo and passenger vans on regular basis. There are many aspects to van driver safety training. Often offered as part of a larger Commercial Driver Training program, it can provide extensive training in enabling van drivers to hone their skills, and become more responsible and proactive drivers. Diligent fleet and safety managers make sure the drivers of their commercial cargo or 15-passenger vans are properly trained before they hit the road and recertify them on an annual basis.

All You Should Know about Van Driver Training

Among the many things that a student will typically learn from commercial Van Driver Training courses is an understanding the importance of checking the tire condition. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 74% of all 15-passenger vans had over- or under-inflated tires, both of which can cause tire failure or a blowout. Most states in the U.S. have laws that tires are legally worn out when they have 2/32″ of remaining tread depth. If the treads are worn more than this, the driver could be in violation of the law and the company can be exposed to liability if involved in a crash.

Passengers and Center of Gravity

Another important skill drivers will acquire during the training is to understand the importance of the center of gravity of a van that can be significantly influenced by how the cargo is loaded or by how many passengers are in the vehicle and how they are loaded. Adding passengers to the vehicle increases the risk of rollover by about 10% per occupant. The odds of a rollover for a 15-passenger van increases more than four times when fully loaded compared with a driver traveling alone. Overloading or poor passenger distribution from side-to-side can cause the van’s center of gravity to change and make the vehicle less stable.

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