EcoDriving Training for Your Commercial Drivers- a Brief

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As a fleet manager, you would certainly want your drivers to be proactive and alert when sitting behind the wheel. You would also want them to protect lives and reduce costs and liabilities for the company while enhancing its reputation. With the cost of fuel increasing like never before, you would also expect your fleet drivers to drive the vehicle in a manner that’s cost-effective and economical. Thankfully now you can help your commercial drivers improve and be more proactive and alert on the road while improving fuel efficiency, with van driver training courses covering EcoDriving.

More about EcoDriving

EcoDriving is a style of driving that can help your drivers significantly improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Not coincidently, EcoDriving practices are also safe driving practices and vice versa. This means that by providing your drivers with EcoDriving training you are helping them become safe drivers and economical as well.

Though subtle, EcoDriving practices collectively can make a big difference on fuel economy. A few changes in their driving habits are all your drivers need to make to reduce fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions, irrespective of the type of vehicle being used.

We all know this: gas is expensive!

Fuel cost represents around 40% of a typical fleet’s budget, which is something the fleet managers would always wish to keep under control. To make matters worse, gas prices continue to rise. With advanced Van Driver Training and helping your drivers learn EcoDriving practices, you can help them improve fuel economy by 15% or more saving $300-$400 or more in fuel costs per year. So, enroll them now!


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