Significance of Distracted Driving Training for Commercial Drivers- a Brief

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As a fleet manager, you already know that drivers are vulnerable to distractions when sitting behind the wheel and that distractions can cost lives — of the driver, passengers and/or others on the road. You would also want your drivers to protect the reputation of the company while keeping the costs under control. However, a distracted driver cannot live up to your expectations. Therefore, it is recommended that you provide your drivers with distracted driving training. Before we discuss the training, let’s have a few words about distracted driving.

Every year, many accidents take place worldwide due to careless and distracted driving. This is unfortunate mainly because such problems can be easily overcome with suitable training. If your drivers face a similar problem in their driving, enroll them in a distracted driving training course, such as those available at Drivefleet, to help them learn about avoiding distractions. These online courses provide an interactive, engaging and highly stimulating means of training to improve concentration, increase alertness and be a more responsible driver on the road. The best part is that online courses are easy-to-use and conveniently fit in your drivers’ schedules.

So, why let your drivers get distracted when you can get them enrolled in a training course today? Enroll your drivers today in any of the courses available online at Drivefleet. And start saving lives.


Distracted Driver Training is Crucial for Your Drivers!

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The urgent need to control Distracted Driving can be better understood if you have a look at the statistics that indicate distracted driving as one of the commonest causes of accidents on American roadways. As per a report from NHTSA, in 2010 alone, over 3,000 people died in distracted driving crashes.

Driver distractions on the road result in many motor vehicle and car crashes, injuries and liabilities. Distractions on part of the drivers involve an array of things that can take the focus of a driver off the road. The proactive drivers, quite unlike distracted drivers, tend to be more focused and alert when sitting behind the wheel. They know how to save lives by driving safely, while at the same time lowering fleet costs and protecting reputations. If you too wish to ensure that your fleet drivers are proactive enough to avoid driver distractions, you must provide them with training.

As a fleet manager, you should ensure your divers get distracted driving training. Thankfully though, there are good online course like Drive Fleet available these days that offer distracted driving training courses for fleet drivers.

Distracted Driving Training courses provided by Drivefleet encompass:

  • Guiding and educating the drivers about the many types of distractions and how distractions can impact driving.
  • Driving and texting stimulation and training about common distractions outside the vehicle.

The online Distracted Driver training courses offered by Drive Fleet are designed to engage the learners. So, get your drivers enrolled in distracted driving training and help them become proactive drivers.

Why Distracted Driving Training is Important for Your Fleet Drivers?

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In the wake of increasing number of crashes on American roadways due to distracted driving, there is an urgent need get this epidemic under control. Reportedly, distracted driving was the major underlying cause of over 20% of all car crashes reported in year 2009. Further, as per NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), more than 3,000 people lost their lives in Distracted Driving crashes in 2010 alone.

Different types of distractions can take the focus of your commercial fleet driver off the road. However, drivers who are trained to be proactive are capable of avoiding the effects of distractions.

Proactive drivers are more focused and know how to drive responsibly and safely while saving lives and lowering overall fleet costs and protecting reputations. Training is, therefore a must for your drivers if you wish to help them be more proactive on the road.

As a fleet manager, you are responsible for ensuring your drivers understand their responsibilities. Quite a few good resources are available online these days, such as Drivefleet, that offer excellent distracted driving training courses that your drivers can take. The training teaches the Fleet Driver to be proactive and more responsible. They are taught to avoid distractions both inside and outside the vehicle.

The fleet training and distracted driving courses generally cover: Educating drivers about the many types of distractions and how information is processed by the brain, so that they can learn to avoid them. They also include a driving and texting stimulation.

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