Provide Your Drivers with 15-Passenger Van Safety Training and Fleet Training!

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As a fleet manager, most probably, you would of course want to be sure your commercial drivers understand their responsibilities (of saving lives when sitting behind the wheel) and drive safely. You would also want the drivers to know that when they drive the commercial vehicle, many lives (including their own and those inside the vehicle as well as all those they share the road with), costs, and reputations are at stake. By providing your commercial drivers with Fleet training and 15-passenger van training, however, you can help your drivers become more proactive and responsible when driving the commercial vehicle.

A Brief on 15-Passenger Van and Fleet Training

The 15-Passenger Van Training is more than just the technical driving training…The 15-passenger van safety training courses provided by Drive Fleet enable the drivers to become proactive and, thus, protect reputations and lives while reducing cost for the driving company they are employed with. Statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provide evidence of the need for such training. As per NHTSA, about 74% of all 15-passenger vans had over- or under-inflated tires. In both cases, tire failure or a blowout can occur. As part of the training, your drivers would be trained about all the important aspects of safe and proactive driving such as when a tire is considered legally worn out and how to maintain passengers and center of gravity in a passenger van besides other considerations that must be made to ensure passengers are transported safely from one place to another and, as a result, costs, liabilities and reputations are maintained.


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