Drive Fleet Offers the Most Comprehensive Online Driver Training Courses

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Providing your fleet drivers with proactive driver training is prudent and highly recommended for every fleet manager and safety manager. The training courses, such as those provided by Drive Fleet, are designed to help the drivers be more alert and proactive when behind the wheel. Needless to say, a proactive driver is an asset for the company because he knows how to avoid crashes and how to efficiently handle challenging driving situations.

Online Driver Training Courses Offered by Drive Fleet

One of the most recognized providers of online driver training courses, Drive Fleet offers comprehensive and highly engaging online driver training courses that help drivers be more proactive when behind the wheel. Drivefleet students learn about many driver improvement subjects including distracted driving, drowsy driving, eco-driving (to reduce costs and enhance fuel efficiency), 15-passenger van safety, cargo van safety, speed management and more.

These interesting and interactive courses are designed by the experts in the industry to keep drivers engaged. The Online Driver Training courses provided by Drivefleet engage students through multimedia activities and interactive exercises in order to provide a richer and better learning experience. Needless to say, better trained drivers tend to be better drivers. As part of the training, the drivers are taught to be more responsible and proactive when behind the wheel. They also learn about speed management so that accidents can be avoided. The purpose of the training is to help the drivers be able to drive safely, cost-effectively, and in an eco-friendly manner in every situation – whether it’s fog, rain, and daylight or nighttime.


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