How to Make Your Drivers Learn Safe Driving Skills?

September 13, 2012 at 4:13 am | Posted in commercial driver training courses | Leave a comment
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There are many challenges facing a fleet manager today – acquiring vehicles, managing fuel costs, coordinating maintenance, safety, and many more. Administering an organization-wide driver training program is another challenge, yet it can produce significant benefits to your organization. This challenge is becoming easier to handle with companies like Drivefleet. Drivefleet provides convenient online, interactive, and engaging courses that improve fleet driver safety and help lower fleet costs. The courses include distracted driver training, how to avoid distractions, and Commercial Driver Training, drowsy driving, courses to help drivers deal with emotions and aggressive driving, and more. With Drivefleet’s online courses, administering and tracking your driver training program has never been easier.

Why Commercial Driver Training is Important?

Considering the facts that one in six drivers will have an accident every year and drivers have a 1:700 chance of dying in a road traffic accident, it pays to train your drivers on safe driving skills. A distracted driver is potentially a dangerous one that needs to learn how to keep distractions at bay and focus on his primary job, safe driving. There are distractions all around the driver, both inside and outside his vehicle. As high as 25% of all crashes, reported by the police, are connected with an inattentive driver. Distracted driving is avoidable with the proper training.

Commercial Defensive Driver Training is yet another of the important courses for your drivers. In this course, your drivers will be introduced to their responsibilities and obligations including to themselves, to their passengers and to all the others with whom they shares the road. This course helps companies reduce their accident rate – saving lives, lowering costs, and reducing liability risk.


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