Cargo Van Driver Training is Important for Ensuring Cargo Van Safety

July 27, 2012 at 5:19 am | Posted in cargo van driver training | Leave a comment

A commercial cargo van driver has to shoulder many responsibilities and bear multiple obligations. Cargo van drivers are responsible for themselves, for their passengers who trust their driving skills, and for all those they share the road with including pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, etc. They cant put their employers reputation at stake just due to their negligence. They have to protect their employers cargo and vehicle. It is a cargo van drivers responsibility to ensure the safety of others as well as the vehicle when they are driving a motor vehicle.

One mistake by a driver may jeopardize your organizations reputation and (more importantly) lives

Since a single mistake by a cargo van driver may put reputations, costs and lives at stake, your employees and contractors should take cargo van driver training to learn the best practices of being an expert cargo van driver. Proper training can make the difference between a cargo van driver that is an asset or a liability to your organization.

It all starts with a good pre-trip inspection.

A responsible cargo van driver inspects the vehicle before he gets behind the wheel to make sure it is drive-worthy. They should check for obstacles around the vehicle that could be in their path. They should look underneath the vehicle for any loose parts or fluid leaks. They should make sure the glass of windshield and windows is in good condition. They should also check the tires for damage, tire pressure, and tread wear.


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