Be a Proactive & Economical Driver with an Eco-Driver Training Course

July 19, 2012 at 9:19 am | Posted in distracted driver training | Leave a comment
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Considering the rising cost of the fuel, it has become mandatory for fleet drivers to drive economically so that fleet operating costs are controlled. This will not only help improve the fuel efficiency, but also bring down carbon dioxide emissions to help the environment. Today there are a variety of driving training courses available. Eco Driving Training is one such course. This practical approach teaches fleet drivers about how to become efficient eco-drivers. The eco-driving course has two modules. Part I teaches students about how to become fuel efficient drivers and pre-trip preparations; while Part II teaches about how proper maintenance can help fuel economy and how to drive green. Once the students are through with these two modules and the final exam, they are provided with a certificate of completion.

Another major area of concern for fleet and safety managers is distracted driving. Online distracted driver training courses can help. The distracted driver training course teaches drivers to stay focused on the road and improve overall safety for themselves, others they share the road with and their physical assets like the vehicle and cargo. The distracted driver training course also teaches drivers to be more alert and focused in an engaging, interactive and informative manner. This course helps drivers improve their concentration, be more alert while driving, learn about road safety and be ready to take on more responsibility. The more engaged the students are, the more proactive, more economical, and safer drivers they become.

So, enroll your drivers today and take the first step towards developing better fleet drivers.


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