Passenger Van Driver Training is Essential for Reducing Costs and Saving Lives

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Managing a large fleet of vehicles and drivers can present a challenge for fleet managers. A simple way to assuage that challenge is to outsource certain aspects of fleet management operations,, such as driver training. Accidents can prove extremely costly for fleet managers, both through physical damages and reputation loss. Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of occupational fatalities and cost fleet owners more than $60 billion per year. Fleet Driver Training for all van drivers is one critical way to reduce your accident rate. In addition to the immediate costs of a crash, organizations are also susceptible to significant liability should one of their drivers cause an accident. An easy and consistent method to ensure training compliance for all your drivers, and to reduce potential damages, is Online Fleet Driver Training.

Passenger Van Driver Safety is of the utmost importance, as drivers hold their life and safety, as well as that of others, in their hands when they get behind the wheel of the van. Proper online Passenger Van Driver Training is essential in order to instill safety and proactive driving skills in the drivers.

Drivefleet provides online Passenger Van Driver Safety training courses that are designed to help the van drivers learn about vans and van driving safety. There are two modules in online Passenger Van Driver Training courses. In Part I of the course, the students learn about their responsibilities, the characteristics of the van, and its safety devices. In the second part, the drivers learn about the safe and courteous loading of the passengers into the van, driving the van, and handling various emergency situations. Students earn a certificate of completion once the modules have been completed and they have passed the final exam of the online driver training course.


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